Retirement Planning

Retirement sometimes feels a long way off, but it comes sooner than you realise & a lot of people are not financially ready. If you have a plan review it regularly, making sure you stay on track .

Pension Transfers

Moving abroad more often than not means that your Tax status changes. This can result in advantages. Such as being able to transfer your pension in to a tax efficient jurisdiction, reducing your IHT.

Educational Fee Planning

This gets forgotten/put off until it’s too late & the expense can be horrific. Planning in advance makes it manageable & more affordable. Giving you peace of mind knowing it’s all in place.

Estate Planning

Ensuring that things are set up correctly and in a way that reduces or mitigates your tax liability means more of assets can be enjoyed by those you love instead of having to pay unnecessary taxes.

Life & Critical Illness Cover

These give you the ability to protect both you and the family if something unexpected happens. This can not only provide an income if the unforeseen happens but it can also pay off outstanding loans.

Offshore Banking

Follow the ABC rule of expatriate banking – if you are from country A and live in country B, you should bank in country C. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal nor exclusively for the rich.

Medical Insurance

When moving abroad, having the correct or updated medical cover is important as you don’t want to be paying for something that might not cover all incidentals.

Forex / Currency Services

Currencies play an important part of investing. By changing at a trade rate instead of a retail rate can save you or make you a lot of money. So the cost of your mortgage, & investment can be reduced.

International Mortgages

Looking to purchase property internationally? either as a first home, second home or as an investment. We are specialists at finding you the most suitable and competitive mortgages.